Call for transparency in election boundary

In a recent interview with Channel News Asia’s Talking Point, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the Secretary General of Reform Party again called upon the government to announce the electoral boundaries early and give adequate time for the oppositions to prepare for theire election campaign. He stressed that announcement of the electoral boundaries and the due process should be open and transparent. TalkingPoint16May2010, ChannelNewsAsia, Part One-desktop.m4v

Kenneth said that the Reform Party announced their first slate of candidates to allow the electorates enough time to get to know them. He said that the Reform Party hopes to contest in 2 GRCs and 2 SMCs in the coming election. However, ultimately the Party hope to work towards a 2 parties system in Singapore. That is why it came out with a comprehensive slate of policies and proposal to show that the PAP do not have a monopoly on ideas.

He said that the oppositions should aim to see that every seat in the Parliament is contested and it is unhealthy to see that 47% of the seat were walkovers in the last election. One consistant clamour reveived by the Party is the opportunity to exercise their voting rights. There are many electorates who do not have a chance to vote for more than 20 years. TalkingPoint16May2010, ChannelNewsAsia, Part Two-desktop.m4v

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