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RP’s Response to PM’s National Day Message

The Reform Party was disappointed with the PM’s speech. This was an opportunity for the PM to address some of the pressing issues facing this country and his failure to do so has demonstrated once again that our government is … Continue reading

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A National Day Message from the Reform Party

Dear Fellow Singaporeans, On Monday we will celebrate our 45th National Day since the break with Malaysia in 1965. Most Singaporeans justifiably take pride on this day in our country’s economic achievements since independence. Indeed the PAP government uses this … Continue reading

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GDP growth & the living standards of average Singaporean

By Kenneth Jeyaretnam Singapore’s per capita GDP is one of the highest in the world but at the same time Freedom House rates Singapore as near the bottom of the partially free countries with a score of 4 (where 1 … Continue reading

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Domestic Costs Drive Inflation, Not Imports

By Kenneth Jeyaretnam I read Alex Au’s article today at titled, “Domestic Costs Drive Inflation, Not Import Prices” and thought that it encapsulated much of what I feel is wrong with the current government’s economic policies: I remember … Continue reading

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