One of Our Volunteers Speaks Up

Wake UpRecently one of our volunteers wrote in with his criticisms of current PAP Government policies and suggestions for changes. We welcome your feedback.

Please note that these policy suggestions are not part of the official Reform Party manifesto though in many cases like proper compensation for those serving NS they are on similar lines.

Housing Issue & CPF

  • Why is government subletting housing to foreigner workers whereby domorities had been catered for them?
  • Singapore Permanent Residents are not allow to purchase any properties unless they are holding on to Pink IC. (i.e. They are only given the option to convert their residence upon 5th year before renewal. If they choose to opt out, subsequently, they will not get to enjoy any benefits.)
  • Singapore Permannent Residents are not entitle for any CPF contribition for first 5 years unless they convert to Singapore citizenship.

National Service

  • All Singaporean males who had served National service, should be given more further subsides on top of housing grant from HDB or given a unit, as a compliment, for their contribution in defending our homeland.

Medical Issue

  • Why are our ministers like Khaw Boon Wan & Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, paying only S$2 & S$8 respectively for their medical? Whereas, we, the people of Singapore, have to pay skyrocketing amount for our medical ?
  • Shouldn’t we pay only S$1 for any medical consultation, be it at polyclinics or hospitals?

Unemployment, Permanent Residents & Foreigner Workers on work permit

  • Shouldn’t allowance be given to those unemploy Singaporeans, helping them to tide over till a job is being secured? Over so, governement should go extra miles, in helping those unemployed, looking for job opportunites, other than depending on WDA & other job agencies.
  • Before being grant Singapore Permanet Resident or work permit , shouldn’t one go through stringnet check by ICA on its background & seat for a literacy test, to prove its competency in workforce?
  • Depending on the passed level (minimum level 6) attain from each modules, apparently, employers is able to assign one in its rightful position at a workplace. Generally, this will ensure that none of Permanent Residents or foreigners, are using fake certificates for jobs applications.

Salary caps for Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents & Foreigner Workers

  • At present, there are no fixed salary caps for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents & foreigner workers, which results in work strike from SMRT PRC bus captains on 26 Nov 12 due to salary issues.
  • Implement a fixed salary cap based on industries, experience, educational background & position held , but most importantly, privileges must always be given to Singaporeans.

Utilities Bill

  • Is there a need to pay a 30% water conservation tax whereby there is a 7% GST in-placed? Aren’t we paying for double taxes?
  • Shouldn’t there be a fix tariffs in-place for both electricity, water and gas instead of quarterly review?


Owning Car & Public Transport

  • Singapore Permanent Residents and Foreigners are not allow to buy or own any cars or vehicles. Generally, this will reduce the population of vehicles on the road. Nevertheless, Singapore Permanent Residents and Foreigners, with high position, are only allow to drive company registered vehicle.
  • Public transport should be totally under government charge. By doing so, it will create more job opportunities for Singaporeans.
  • Implement an attractive salary to attract the young, in joining public transport sector. Despite this, to work closely with ITE on the internship for heavy automotive. Once the students graduated from college, one can work in public transport sector.
  • Taxis should be under the government assets too. Rightfully, a fixed rate should be implement, with no other private operaters managing.
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