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One of Our Volunteers Speaks Up

Recently one of our volunteers wrote in with his criticisms of current PAP Government policies and suggestions for changes. We welcome your feedback. Please note that these policy suggestions are not part of the official Reform Party manifesto though in … Continue reading

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The Reform Party Raises Questions and Calls for the Replacement of the ISA by Modern Anti-Terrorism Legislation

November 27, 2010 The Reform Party refers to the statement made by Minister Shanmugam in Parliament regarding the Mas Selamat case and wishes to make the following points: There continues to be a complete lack of accountability for the unacceptable … Continue reading

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Government Curtails Question Time

In a sign of just how disingenuous the government is when it says it says it wants to answer the public’s desire for more non-government voices in Parliament, the Standing Order Committee of Parliament has proposed that the time given … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage

Since I became leader of the Reform Party in April 2009 I have made the introduction of a minimum wage in Singapore one of our main policy pledges (see the link below for RP’s 19 main policy pledges): Why? … Continue reading

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RP wants to give Singaporean option to choose

1. What are the reasons for Reform Party’s interest in Hong Kah GRC as a battleground at the next general election? 2. How many walkabouts has Reform Party held in Hong Kah GRC? How would you describe the residents’ response, and … Continue reading

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GDP growth & the living standards of average Singaporean

By Kenneth Jeyaretnam Singapore’s per capita GDP is one of the highest in the world but at the same time Freedom House rates Singapore as near the bottom of the partially free countries with a score of 4 (where 1 … Continue reading

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Domestic Costs Drive Inflation, Not Imports

By Kenneth Jeyaretnam I read Alex Au’s article today at titled, “Domestic Costs Drive Inflation, Not Import Prices” and thought that it encapsulated much of what I feel is wrong with the current government’s economic policies: I remember … Continue reading

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